Living Christ Fellowship
Jesus Changes Lives!
      Sundays @ 1188 West Galveston       Chandler, AZ 85224 at 9:30 a.m.

About Us

Living Christ Fellowship is a Lutheran Church affiliated with both The American Association of Lutheran Churches ( and the Alliance of Renewal Churches (

We are a wide variety of people, but all brought together around our love for Jesus Christ, and our conviction that He is revealed clearly in the Holy Scriptures.  Without that “fixed anchor” we would surely go aground.  We just want to be a faithful “branch office” of the true Vine, Christ’s Kingdom, and welcome those whom the Lord sends to bless us and hopefully be blessed, as we grow together in His love.

Pastor James Hoefer
Dr. James L Hoefer and Paula have two daughters and 4 grandchildren all living in the area.  He grew up in Arizona and has many friends and family here.
Todd Baio oversees our Worship Ministry and shares the pulpit, and Karla Emerson leads our Children's and Women's Ministry as well as being Head Elder.  Many others serve in multiple roles!  We are so blessed to have these mature, committed, loving leaders in our midst.